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My little website for my little frogs

Here at Frogboi you will find basic care requirements, my experiences with different species and the opportunity to purchase frogs from myself. I haven’t been in the frog game long, my first tank was completed in the beginning of 2021 and provided me with relief from the boredom and stress of the pandemic. Since then it has evolved and I now have 4 tanks and 4 species. My first frogs were Ranitomeya variabilis “southern”, and I could not be happier with them to this day. Since then I delved into tincs, I now have two trios of cobalts and green sips. More recently in 2022 I got my all time DREAM frog, Ranitomeya sirensis “highland." I hope to breed 2 sets of unrelated pairs in the coming years.

Unfortunately no more froglets or tadpoles available until August 2022! Please contact me for plants.

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Shipping and how I like to do things.

I am a full time medical student and I am pretty tight for time. As such, I will do delivery road trips every 2-6 weeks depending on stock and orders. This will cost £2.50-£20 depending on your location. Payment will be accepted in cash or bank transfer either before or at the time of delivery. Collection will be available most days and £5 off applied. Currently I am not confident in shipping with any companies, this may change.

I have to pay double to accept payments through this site, so please simply message me through the form below and I will get into contact with you directly!

Prices decrease for each frog bought, please see descriptions for more info.

I will not sell animals to anyone who doesn`t fulfill the following criteria: Must have clearly researched the frog, have a suitable setup ready, have a supply of fruit flies and Repashy calcium plus or suitable alternative. Please also show interest in how I have raised them so far. Please be prepared to provide evidence of these criteria.

On another note, I am happy to "talk frogs" with anyone regardless of if you purchase from me. Happy frogging!

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Frogs are cool, don`t listen to your friends.

Me, someone you should listen to.

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Exact address and phone number for collection available upon request.

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