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Dendrobates tinctorius “azureus”

Dendrobates tinctorius “azureus”

The classic big blue blob of a frog. You simply cannot keep darts and not have azureus, I don’t care how many histrionica you have, if you don’t have azureus you don’t keep darts.

Mine are an unrelated pair/ quad. My females are siblings I raised from tadpoles. The two males are unrelated to each other and the females, they are much more finely spotted.

The tadpoles will be raised communally. This is to introduce a wild-like selection pressure on my offspring and to prevent dilution of the gene pool with this heavily bred frog.

I do find these frogs go through a phase of being rather shy. In my limited experience so far this is between the ages of 4-9 months. As such you may wish to keep them in a smaller setup for the time being until 10 months +. Adults are as bold as they come, especially when breeding. Once my girls hit 14 months, they suddenly stopped caring about anything near the tank.

As with all my frogs the price goes down with each purchase!

Froglets- 1 for £50, 2 for £90, 3 for £115, 4 for £120. Then £25 each thereafter!

Tadpoles- 1 for £30, 2 for £45, 3 for £60, 4 for £65. Then £10 each thereafter!

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