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Dendrobates tinctorius "cobalt"

Dendrobates tinctorius "cobalt"

Meet John 117, George and Chris Hemsworth. These are my 2.1 trio of cobalts. They started breeding for me in February 2022 after a few months of waiting! Some of my funniest frogs, and I LOVE how variable they are. As with all tinctorius, they are a big bold and beautiful frog.


General tinctorius care is easy. High humidity (>70%), temperatures around room temp (not exceeding 28C and not below 17C for extended time frames). 45/45/45cm minimum for a single or a pair. Lots of food, hydei fruit flies dusted in repashy calcium plus every day for froglets and every other day/three days for adults. I recommend keeping 1.1 pairs. My males do not tolerate each other at all, and prior females were even worse.

I raise all my tinc tadpoles communally, so these guys will be raised with my azureus and leucomelas tadpoles. This is to reduce the amount of weak offspring, it’s the way I add a selection pressure. Not many people work with these guys in the UK, as such I feel it is a must to only put out strong offspring.


Price listed is for a single froglet, as always, prices go down for each consequetive frog!

Froglets- 1- £50, 2- £90, 3- £107.50, 4- £120 and £25 each thereafter.

Tadpoles- 1- £30, 2- £45, 3- £57.50, 4- £65 and £10 each thereafter. Please message about tadpoles as stock will be varied!

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