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Ranitomeya sirensis "highland"

Ranitomeya sirensis "highland"

My absolute dream frog and what I would call my specialist frog. I currently have 1 pair and 4 froglets. The adult pair may or may not be related to one another, 3 of the froglets are related and one is not. However all three "groups" are unrelated. I plan to make 3 pairs out of these in the future and hope to produce unrelated offspring. As far as I am aware these guys are extinct in the wild, hence my desire to breed them (as well as their awesome go-faster stripes!!).


Easy to care for, provide at least a 30/30/60 enclosure with ample bromeliads and leaf litter. These guys dont like insane light levels, so you may want to dim it slightly to increase their visibility. Temps can be slightly cooler than most darts as they are from high altitudes, 16-25 celsius is what i try to keep them between. As always, 70%+ humidity. Good group tolerant frog, however always be cautious of aggression and have a spare tank, even if its a small grow-out. Mels for life with these guys most likely, repashy products as dusting agents every feeding. Will not sell froglets to you if you dont have a sprintail seeded tank or a good supply of them.


As always, price is for one froglet, prices go down with each added.

Froglets- 1- £80, 2- £140, 3- £200 then £45each therafter.

Tadpoles- 1- £65. Same price, no offers on these guys they are more difficult to breed

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