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Ranitomeya variabilis "southern"

Ranitomeya variabilis "southern"


Beautiful and bold thumbnail species. Great group frog, watch males for aggression.


Currently this is a very heavily bred thumbnail and is vastly available at very competitive prices. My philosophy is to produce strong and healthy offspring, not to produce hundreds. To do this I raise all my tadpoles communally after 2 weeks old. Many more experienced froggers have found this yields less, but more vigorous froglets. Because of my rearing methods, I produce fewer froglets than most in the UK. Despite this, I keep my prices consistent with hobby standards.

Price listed is for a single froglet, price decreases with the number you purchase.

Froglets- 1- £50, 2- £95, then £40 each thereafter.

Tadpoles- 1- £30, 2- £55, 3- £72.50, then £15 each thereafter. Please message me for tadpole stock in particular, as it will vary alot.

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